Putting heart health in your hands

Don’t worry if you can’t make it into one of our PACE clinics. You can now purchase a handheld, Bluetooth ECG monitor which your PACE cardiologist will interpret and discuss results with you.

You can purchase this device at our Newmarket and Barrie clinics for $150 CAD (+ HST).


ECG Key Features

This at-home ECG captures a wide range of arrhythmias such as fast and slow heart rates, ventricular premature beats (VPBs), pauses and atrial fibrillation.


At-home ECGs potential coverage

Because an ECG is a medical device, these units are covered by some insurance policies. Be sure to inquire with your policy provider to find out. If required, our PACE cardiologists can provide a prescription for this monitor.


Skiin biosensing garments

PACE is pleased to be working on a groundbreaking personalized healthcare project with Myant: the company behind the Skiin family of biosensing garments. Cleared by Health Canada, these garments feature textile electrodes knitted into the fabric to help us monitor your heart health and general wellness.


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