Dr. John Symmes


Dr. John (Jack) Symmes MD, FRCP, FACC graduated from the University of Toronto medical School in 1973. He completed his training in Internal Medicine and Cardiology in 1977 with an additional year of training in Intensive Care medicine. Dr. Symmes joined the staff of York County Hospital (now Southlake Regional Health Centre) in 1978 as the only cardiologist between Toronto and Sudbury Ontario.

Dr. Symmes has played an instrumental role in the advancement of cardiac care in York Region. He has served in many roles at Southlake including Chief of Medicine (1982-1986), Co-Director of the Intensive and Cardiac Care units and later as Physician leader of the Cardiac Program (1997-2000), pioneering the establishment of the full service Regional Cardiac Care Program in 1998 which became fully developed in 2003.

His experience is extensive in general cardiology with a focus on development of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, the Lipid Clinic and the Chest Pain Clinic.

Dr. Symmes current interest includes establishing a clinic for Primary Cardiac Prevention providing an emphasis on cardiac evaluation and risk reduction strategies.


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